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Koh Samet


It is the biggest the islands of Kao Laem-ya and Samet islands National Park, covers an area of 6,000 rai, 6 kms. from the shore of Ban-pae. It is literary important and maintains many beauty spots. White sandy beach, sky clear water with corals around the island.. Ideal for camping, swimming and snorkeling. The best part is lots of bays and the National Park Guard office unit 2 (Koh Samet) sited there. - Haad-Sai-Kaeo, wide and long beach, about 2 kms., on the East of the island. Paper white sandy beach, good for swimming and other activity. - Ao-phai , next to Haad-sai-kaeo, a small bay, private beach with bungalows available for tourists. - Ao-wong-duen, beautiful, oval shape bay. - Ao-wai,Aow-kiew, Aow-tien, lying along the east side of the island. Best spot for coral snorkeling. Specially at Ao-kiew that has a narrow dune about 500 m. wide, you can walk to the other side of the island, feel either east or west side of Koh-samet. - Ao-pra-ka-rang, in the south, beautiful coral, snorkeling and close to view point. - Laem-yai-chong-Koh-jan, a lands-end in the south with forest stripe and meadow, rock in irregular shape, ideal for fishing but not swimming because water deep and strong turbulence. - Ao-prow, west side of the island with sloping beach and full of coconut palm trees, quiet and clean. It is the most beautiful sunset spot of Koh-samet. Nearby tourist spot - Koh-kudi, 8 kms. From the coast, small, covers area about 300 rai with two colonies, Koh-tam-kang-kow and Koh-tam-risi. Koh-kudi lays east of Samet island and sited National Park Guard office unit 1(Koh-kudi). Main attraction, sandy beach and peaceful nature. Pa-nil-mung-korn, south side of the island, adorn a panoramic view and coral along the shore. It is best for coral snorkeling, fishing and camping. Reptiles, big or small and no danger, can be seen plentiful on the land. - Koh-kluay, Koh-karm, and Koh-plai-tin, a virgin island amid the sea, 600 m. north of Koh-kudi. The two islands are connected by sand dune and roc, this can be seen when low tide, total area is small, only 600 rai. Koh-plai-tin is 400m. away from the first two. Camping and beautiful coral snorkeling is ideal. Most coral has never been blasted by fisherman. - Koh-jan, smallest among all islands, area about 10 rai, sited far south of Samet island, 600m. away from Hua-laem-yai. Mostly rocky, less soil, deep water and good for fishing but not for night camping ( beautiful coral around the island). - Koh-ta-lu, 6 kms. East of Koh-kudi, area 400 rai. The surrounding is still untouch and the main attraction that became the name of the island is a natural bridge connect to the north island allow a hole for sea water to run through. This the real identity. Physically a jungle while east and south sides are big white sandy beach, suitable for camping. West side is steep rocky area for hundreds of seagulls to reside. June-July, nesting time and the cliff whitened with seagulls, sea tortoises lay eggs on the beach, big bats also hanging there. Coral can be sighted around the island. Specially at the east side beach, coral spread cover an area of 10 rai. It is ideal for scuba diving. A paradise on the east coast.


Koh Samet, Rayong located at Eastern board of Thailand, 179km by car from Bangkok. It consists of 3,552 square km area and 100 km of beach connect to the gulf of Thailand. The 10 islands group is abundant with marine resources. It contains many oddly shaped islands and rocks. The largest island is Koh Samet which is well known in South East Asia. Koh Samet has superb beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Less than seven kms off the coast of Rayong Province in the eastern Gulf of Thailand, it combines the allure of a tropical paradise with reasonable proximity to Bangkok.


Koh Samet has been known as a safe anchorage for sailors since at least the 13th century and in the 19th century its sheer beauty was the inspiration for the literary masterpiece of Thailands most famous romantic poet, Sunthorn Phu. In the 1970s it was discovered by Thai teenagers and young couples seeking a weekend retreat from life in Bangkok. In spite of its protected status as part of the Khao Laem Ya - Samet National Marine Park the island has developed into a resort destination much loved by both Thais and foreigners. Episodic attempts by the authorities to evict the developers have not yet dislodged them, and bungalow accommodations are available all over the island. More than a dozen coves and beaches provide visitors a range of choices from campsites on secluded, deserted beaches to bungalows with all the modern conveniences in more settled and gregarious communities.


Getting around on Koh Samet: The island has only a single main road. Some parts are concrete and some parts are only a dirt trail which get quite bumpy. There are two methods to get around the Island. The first is by Songthaew (usually a rather green pickup truck with two benches in the back and no roof), which costs up to 600 baht for a private trip, or between 20 and 100 baht per person for a full car, depending on which beach you are going to. This is a rather expensive method to get around the island, and the dusty roads can make it an uncomfortable trip. The second way is by renting a motorcycle for 100 Baht/hr 300 Baht/day or ATV (4 wheeled motorbikes) for around 400 Baht/1hr or 1200 Baht/day. You can barter better deals for 3 or 6 hours if that is all you want.

You will usually be able to rent it from the hotel you are staying at but they often rip you off. We hired a motorcycle for 500 Baht a day and was the worst deal I have had in Thailand. It is best to hire one from close to the pier (Haad Sai Kaew) where there are many deals. When you are far away on some beach, they can charge you any price and do. We rented the worst 10 year old manual motorbike for a whopping 500 Baht a day. They told us the automatic one was 600 Baht day. The further you get away from the pier and entry point the worse the roads become. OK, it is a National Park, but the roads can be quite bad. They have started to pave them. There are many many guest houses near Ban Phe' Pier and has a lively nightlife and so can have the best of both worlds. Hire the motorbike and go to beach during the day and at night stay close to Ban Phe' Pier and Aow Sai Kaew. We hired the bike because we had no choice and worst situation to be in. Where we stayed a liter coke was 85 Baht. In 7-11, it costs 28 Baht. I would avoid package tours and go there by yourself, get a bike, drive safely (and slowly). There are many pot holes, and some roads were filled with water. Could get through but a little messy. Staying near city centre is the best option. Hire a bike and give it back.

Leaving your passport or a deposit is not necessary or advisable.
Warning: It is advisable to hire motorbikes only from reputable dealers. Choose ones that look good. If they rip you off, take a photo of their shop and get them on a websites somewhere. You have a camera. Use it. Either in your phone or with your camera. Take a picture. Thai's are very sensitive about their reputation. Put it to good use. Do not get ripped off by scammers with high bike prices or false claims. If you do feel as though you have been ripped off it is advisable for you to consider whether it is worth taking the matter further in relation to how much money is at stake. Escalating a matter with the authorities for an amount which is objectively not so significant can avoid possibly ruining your holiday.
Remember to exercise diligence and caution when entering into a rental agreement.

Please note, the distance from the main town by the port to the beaches is not actually very great, much of it can be reached on foot by walking along the coastline. Many tourists are not aware of this & end up hiring vehicles they do not really need if all they intend to do is go to and from the main town.




Haad Sai Kaew beach


Haad Sai Kaew beach or Diamond beach is the longest and one of the most popular beaches on Ko Samet. It is located in the North-East and it is about 780 meters long. This is the beach You should choose if you like to have a little people and activities around you, but at the same time live next to a almost paradise-like beach. The sand is almost snow-white and the water is invitingly green-blue.

Haad Sai Kaew Beach - Koh Samnet @ Thailand


Sawasdee Coco - Koh Samet
Sai Kaew Beach Resort - Koh Samet
Thipsamed Resort - Koh Samet
Samed Havana - Koh Samet
Samed Grandview Resort - Koh Samet
Tonsak Resort - Koh Samet
Lima Duva Resort - Koh Samet
Sinsamut Koh Samed - Koh Samet
Saikaew Villa - Koh Samet
Nongnuaey Resort - Koh Samet
Green Bay Samed Resort - Koh Samet
Samed Green Inn - Koh Samet

Aow Wongduan
bay & beach


Aow Wongduan bay is a 500 meter long half moon shaped beach with the most fantastic sunrise on this island. The sand is as inviting as on Haad Sai Kaew beach and the atmosphere here is really pleasant.

Haad Sai Kaew Beach - Koh Samnet @ Thailand


Samed Cabana Resort - Koh Samet
La Lune Beach Resort - Koh Samet
Bell House Resort - Koh Samet
Vongdeuan Resort - Koh Samet
Vimarn Samed Resort - Koh Samet
Vimarn Samed Resort - Koh Samet

Aow Phai
bay & beach


Aow Phai is located two beaches down from Haad Sai Kaew and just past Aow Phai. More or less of the same white, sandy stretches with a few nice restaurants at night and a big, concrete block of a bar where most party goers end up late at night.



Silversand Resort - Koh Samet
Samed Pavilion Resort - Koh Samet
The Lost Resort - Koh Samet
Samed Pavilion Resort - Koh Samet

Aow Thapthim
bay & beach


The southern most resort along the main strip of beaches. Tubtim is a bit of a walk away from the main area but only 5 minutes from Silversand it is slightly more sophisticated and upmarket than many of the "sit on the cushion" beachside restaurants although they all offer more or less the same cuisine, Tubtim is a good alternative for those who prefer a quieter romantic setting.



Pudsa bungalow - Koh Samet
Tubtim Resort - Koh Samet
Tok's Little Hut - Koh Samet
Ban Leelawadee Guesthouse - Koh Samet

Aow Cho
bay & beach


Aow Cho is a bit of a scruffy beach and if you have been following the "next beach" signs along the coast, you feel like you've seen better.



Tongta Phaview Resort - Koh Samet
Ao Cho Grandview Hideaway Resort - Koh Samet
Tarn Tawan Resort Koh Samed - Koh Samet
Ao Cho Grandview Hideaway Resort - Koh Samet

Noi Na Beach



Bar and Bed - Sleepless Society @ Samed - Koh Samet
Samed Cliff Resort - Koh Samet
Samed Seaside Resort - Koh Samet
Mooban Talay Resort - Koh Samet
Ban Chom Samed Resort - Koh Samet
Pandora - Koh Samet

Aow Saeng Thian
bay & beach


Aow Thian or Aow Saeng Thian (Candlelight Beach) Aow Thians topography is painted by rocky beach in which some nice spots for skin diving are available. This beach is very quiet and free from group tours.



Sangthian Beach Resort - Koh Samet
Banthaisangthain Resort - Koh Samet

Aow Lung Dam
bay & beach


Aow Lung Dam, a one-hour walk south on the beach from Na Dan. It's on a small bay that is excellent for swimming. The restaurant has excellent service and is one of few on the island that is open early for breakfast. This beach is not accessible directly by road; unless you arrive directly by boat, you must walk on the beach for at least part of the way.


Aow Phud Zaa
bay & beach


Aow Phud Zaa is a small walk from Aow Phai Beach over a small headland. Suitable for those who are tired of crowded beaches and nightlife activities. Aow Phud Zaa has a small pontoon with some OK snorkelling around it. Best time to stick you head under and have a look is at low tide.


Aow Nuan
bay & beach

Aow Nuan is located a 10 minute walk through the bush from Aow Phud Zaa and is a perfect hideaway for holidaymakers in search of tranquility. All bungalows are handmade by the owner. Some have great character.

Thaai Koh
Sunset View Point


Thaai Koh (Tay Koh) Sunset View Point is located of the west island. You can see the beautiful view of Sunset.


Aow Wai
bay & beach


Aow Wai is located within a short walking distance of Candlelight Beach but far from city center and no lights at night. Shaded by coconut trees, the beach is a quite, scenic and serene spot for sea lovers.

How To Get To Rayong - Koh Samet

Just 200 kilometers from Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand, the T-shaped island of Koh Samet is famed for its white sandy beaches, exotic coral and crystal clear waters. Koh Samet has developed steadily over the past decade or so, but it hasn't been the victim of over zealous construction which has hit the likes of Koh Samui (or even Koh Chang). The island is typified for its splendid beaches and white silky sand, surrounded by tropical coral reefs and crystal clear sea. Tourists can also enjoy a plethora of delicious cuisine and fine nightlife.

It's a popular tourist destination for Thais and foreigners alike. As Koh Samet is so near Bangkok, the island is ideal for those in the capital wanting to chill-out with their families for a couple of days, without having to go through all that rigmarole of having to travel down south. It's only a 2.5 hour ride to Ban Phe, where one can take a 20-minutes ferry to the island.

By Bus Rayong is connected by regular bus services with Bangkok and other towns and provinces such as Pattaya, Chonburi, Chanthaburi, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Nong Khai, Surin and Ubon Ratchathani.

Air conditioned and regular buses leave Bangkok to Rayong from Eastern Bus Terminal on Sukhumvit Road, Ekamai, Tel : 3914900 (air) and Tel : 3912504 (non-air). Air conditioned buses leaving Bangkok every 30-40 minutes from 05.00 hrs. until 22.00 hrs. One way fare is 85 baht. Non-airconditioned buses leaving Bangkok every 30 minutes from 04.30 hrs. until 20.00 hrs. One way fare is 47 Baht. The trip takes about 3 hours.

Airconditioned buses leaving Bangkok for Ban Phe every 1 hour from 07.00 hrs. until 20,30 hrs. and non- airconditioned buses every 1 hour from 05.15 hrs. until 18.30 hrs. One way fare is 90 baht for airconclitioned bus and 50 baht for non-air conditioned bus.

By Air Bangkok Airways operates regular scheduled flights from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Samui Island to Rayong-Utapao International Airport. For information contact Bangkok Airways in Bangkok, Tel; (02) 2538942- 6,2559915-20 and Rayong, Tel : (038) 603063

Local Transportation
Public urban transportation within Rayong is in the form of minibuses. Local buses leave the Rayong Bus Terminal at Rayong Trade Centre for various destinations throughout the day. depend on the distances. Fares are about 5-15 baht depend on the distances.

Boat to Koh Samet
Koh Samet can be reached by boat frorn Ban Phe. Boats leaving Ban Phe for Ko Samet through the day from 06.00 hrs. until 17.00 hrs. Fare is 30 baht for one way trip. The trip takes about 40 minutes.


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